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Kwon Alexander Declares for the NFL Draft

Stud linebacker turns pro.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Per his Twitter, Kwon Alexander will bypass his senior season and enter the NFL draft.

The news isn't totally surprising, but coming so near to the announcement that John Chavis will be heading to Texas A&M as defensive coordinator, you wonder how many others will be similarly influenced.

This is a big loss for LSU, as Kwon emerged as a tremendous playmaker over the past two seasons. His versatility allowed Chavis to move him around formations and get creative, whether matching him up one-on-one in coverage, or putting him down in a four-point stance to rush the passer.

LSU's depth at LB is still strong, and the most logical candidate to step into the starting rotation is Debo Jones, who has played a good amount the past few seasons, though with mixed results. Of course, 5-star recruit Clifton Garrett is also waiting in the wings, after taking a RS this season. He could immediately fill the vacancy if he's able to pick up the defense.

Further, he should have a tremendous opportunity under a new coordinator, who will come in with a clean slate. Miles three DC hires during his tenure at LSU illustrate a preference for the 4-3 scheme, though I'm not certain he's bound to that. If a new scheme is instituted, that would obviously tremendously alter where and how the players slot.

Let's hope the early defections aren't as drastic as the previous two seasons. LSU should field one of the nation's best defenses next season, if not. However, losing players like Alexander, Hunter, Collins, Mills, etc. will put LSU in a position of needing to rebuild. These next few weeks will be key to the future of the program.