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REPORT: Michigan Reaches Out to Les Miles

Michigan's affiliate has reported that Michigan has contacted Les Miles' agent, George Bass.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In the last hour, Sam Webb, of the Michigan site Go Blue Wolverine reports that the University of Michigan has, in fact, contacted Les Miles' agent regarding their coaching vacancy:

The report is behind the paywall, but is discussed here, via FootballScoop's report, linked in the tweet, mentions that Miles and Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe have been discussed, however:

For what it's worth, sources close to Cut and Les we have spoken with do not expect significant talks with Michigan.

Via his twitter, Scott Roussel (the man behind the site -- and a must-follow for the comings and goings of the game), also later added:

Additionally, Webb himself tweeted the following:

Stay tuned and we'll update as we get word. Personally, I still don't think much comes from this, but we shall see.