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David Ducre is a Tiger!

Ducre wasting no time in committing to the Tigers after receiving his scholarship over the weekend and possibly becoming the fullback of the future in Baton Rouge

Ronald Martinez

Some ragged on the LSU coaching staff for the number of 2015 offers that were handed out during the Boys from the Boot event. In the end, it was the coaching staff, once again, that appears they know what they were doing all along. Three 2015 offers were handed out, and fullback David Ducre out of Lakeshore High School in Mandeville became the second of the commits, with Jazz Ferguson completing the sweep later on today. Ducre was considered as a possibility for being the third running back in this class behind Nick Brossette and Derrius Guice, but upon arriving at Boys from the Boot, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron had other ideas. He saw Ducre as adding 20 pounds, turning him into a fullback and becoming a unique weapon in this ever-expanding offensive painting that Cameron is putting on the canvas.

What is LSU Getting?

It didn't take long for Ducre, listed at 6'0", 228 pounds and the No. 1 fullback in the nation, to open up to the idea of playing fullback after receiving his offer on Saturday. By adding 20 pounds, the staff would be looking at a 250-pound fullback that is deceptively fast for his size and could be one that can pack a wallop. Watching his footage, you can see that he is a one-cut style of running back that can make a move at the line of scrimmage and then quickly head downhill. I feel that Cameron wants a versatile guy who can play at fullback. While Ducre will have to get down the finer points of blocking, the staff was able to turn J.C. Copeland into a pretty solid run-blocking fullback from a guy that played defensive tackle in high school. With the added weight, Ducre will be a viable choice for short-yardage situations as you can see in his highlight footage that it already takes more than one guy to bring him down. If Ducre can maintain his speed and agility after the added weight, Cameron may be giddy at having one more weapon he can utilize in his gameplan.

With Ducre in this class, LSU is pretty much a third of the way filled in their allotment for 2015 with 8 commits. Add in Jazz Ferguson, who Jake will cover here shortly, and the Tigers will be well on their way to getting halfway full. I can't recall the last time that LSU was nearing double digits before their first junior day event. From the looks, this staff knows who they want in this class, has made it known and is making sure they are a member. The 2014 class may have come to a close a few weeks ago, but the LSU staff has been a shot out a cannon since in making sure 2015 is just as special and Ducre is one that is now in their future offensive plan.