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CONFIRMED: The Following People are Not Suspect #Buganation

You ain't #BugaNation, You suspect.

As part of my broadening investigative skills, I have recently embarked upon a very special investigation to determine true members of the growing "#Buganation." While #BugaNation hasn't officially made it's way to LSU yet, it's clear by now that if you ain't #BugaNation, you suspect.  Thus, I present to you as evidence, the following:

Most Definitely Not Suspect

Lil' Wayne:

2017 LSU Commit Dylan Moses:

LSU President F. King Alexander:

2015 Running Back Recruit Derrius Guice:

Jeremy Hill:

Texas Signee (Fournette's HS teammate) Jermaine Roberts:

ATVS' very own, @ZRau:

Anthony Hickey:

LSU Basketball Fans in General:

Tyrann Mathieu:

Quantavius Leslie:

2016 Running Back Prospect Devin White:

Malachi Dupre:

And finally, the great Poohba of #Buganation, our own Les Miles:

Still On the Fence

Richard Sherman:

Most Definitely Still Suspect