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LSU Gym Crushes Bama

Buck Fama.

It's always a good weekend when Bama loses
It's always a good weekend when Bama loses


No, not the Super Bowl, though that was out of hand, too. The LSU gymnastics team hosted the hated Alabama Crimson Tide on Friday, and over 8,000 LSU fans saw them kick the holy hell out of Bama.

Aside from a little bit of trouble on the beam again, LSU beat Alabama on every single rotation. The closest margin on any single rotation was  a 0.275. By the time LSU closed out the night on the floor exercise with Lloimincia Hall notching the 3rd 10.0 of her career, the only real question left unanswered was how big the final margin of victory would be.

0.825, in case you were wondering.

LSU scored a 197.650, which is just a monster score. That's the kind of result that wins national titles. The great thing here is that Courville put up 9.675 on the beam, meaning this isn't the absolute ceiling of what this team can do.

Dominating the national champ from two years ago is a pretty big statement. This team is good enough to beat anyone in the nation, and while I don't think it's "national title or bust", this team is definitely going to be in the mix.

However, we find out exactly where we stand this weekend. LSU travels to #10 Arkansas on Friday and then #1 Oklahoma on Sunday. By the time rankings are released later this week, LSU will possibly have moved back to the #2 slot, setting up a 1 versus 2 showdown.

What to be the best? Beat the best. I like that LSU has played an ambitious schedule so far, and one that will only get tougher. Come postseason, there shouldn't be any surprises, as LSU will know the biggest challengers to the title and how we measure up against them.

This was a huge win. Next weekend could be even bigger.

You can watch the entire match from the limited Geaux Zone feed below OR catch the CST Tape Delay broadcast on Tuesday at 8pm