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Devin Voorhies Signs With LSU

Mississippi's best athlete signs with LSU.

Athelete Devin Voorhies elected to continue his career at LSU and faxed his letter of intent today.

Voorhies (6'2", 185) is a versatile, athletic talent that could fill in at any number positions for LSU. The #208 overall player and #15 safety hails from Woodville, Mississippi, where he prepped at Wilkinson County High School. Quite clearly the best athlete on the field, Voorhies played quarterback to support his team's needs.

At LSU, it's unknown yet how the coaching staff projects him. At 6'2", 184, Voorhies is tall but still capable of growing into an LB, or remaining trim while playing WR or DB. One thing is for certain, his versatility gives LSU some nice flexibility heading into the summer. How LSU plans to use him is yet to be seen, but having an athlete of his caliber is beneficial to overall roster building.

Devin Voorhies Commits!