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2014 Signing Day Recap: The LSU Talent Grab in Pics

Some pics of LSU's many signees today!

Chris Graythen

It was a good day. It was a very, very good day. LSU took it's already highly ranked recruiting class, added more star power to it and didn't suffer any defections. It's the type of day you dream of if you follow recruiting closely. I've spent plenty of time analyzing, speculating and whatever else about this class, so now, we celebrate.

This is likely the best class of the Les Miles era. Our friend Kris Brauner is working on a more detailed analysis with some fancy charts and numbers for y'all, but to put it simply based on 247's points system in team rankings, this class is roughly seven points better than 2009 haul, which ranked no. 1 in the nation.

Let us enjoy the day, in pictures:


via @ESPNU

Beyond being one of the best WRs in this class, is there any question that Malachi Dupre is clearly the best dressed recruit?





Troll Miss

Buck Fama


Happy Valentine's DAY!

Dem Gloves, Doe

Doesn't get much better than a welcome tweet like this:



Dream come true.

Happy Gamble Family!



It was a great day, indeed.