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And the Valley Drinks: Redbreast 12-Year-Old Irish Whiskey

A fine libation for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Everybody’s favorite day to pretend they are a formerly oppressed minority happens to be next Monday, but of course in Baton Rouge most will be celebrating on Saturday, the 15th as the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade rolls through the Garden District and Perkins Road areas.

Most will be drinking cheap beer and green food coloring, or the go-to Irish Whiskey, Jameson. However, during my recent sojourn to Breckenridge, at a stop at a lovely watering hole named Cecilia’s, I was able to try a very nice alternative -- Redbreast 12-Year-Old Irish Whiskey.

Out of Cork, Ireland, Redbreast is a single-pot-still whiskey, which, per Wikipedia, means:

Single pot still whiskey is a phrase used by the Irish whiskey industry and in Irish whiskey criticism to describe a particular style of whiskey made from a mixed mash of malted barley and unmalted "green" barley in a pot still. This type of whiskey has also been referred to as pure pot still whiskey, Irish style pot still whiskey, or, especially in Ireland, simply as pot still whiskey

It packs the typical whiskey punch at 40 percent alcohol-by-volume, but it is a bit pricey at more than $35-40 a bottle (high as $60 at one place), depending on where you find it. There’s also a 15-year-old variety as well. That said, if you’re a high-end whiskey fan, it’s worth the try.


It’s a very smooth drink on the opening pour, light and without too harsh of a burn on the back end. It has a light, straw-like color, and the flavor is a bit complex. There’s a sweetness on the front end. A little vanilla perhaps, almost maple syrup-y. But on the back end you get a nice flavor of roasted starches, almost burned a bit. It contrasts nicely with that opening note, and it gives you that typical Irish whiskey flavor. Give it a 4/5 stars. This isn’t something you want to waste mixing in a coke or sprite, (frankly, you shouldn't be doing that anyway unless we're talking cheap stuff) but if you’re looking for a nice sipping whiskey to celebrate with, I recommend it. Its a strong 5 on the price scale, but I'd rate it 4 on the value. If you're in a bar with it available