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LSU Recruit HighlightTournament: No. 1 Leonard Fournette Vs. No. 8 D.J. Chark

The first round of the LRHT gets underway with two incoming freshmen. Unfortunately, one may be an underdog

It wouldn't be an LSU recruiting tourney if possibly the best running back to come to LSU wasn't featured in the opening matchup. However, he will be going up against a speedster in the 2013 class in wide receiver D.J. Chark. Who prevails?

No. 1 Seed Leonard Fournette

One of two recruits to receive a consensus #1 seed from the nominations, Leonard Fournette puts together an impressive running back film, combining speed, agility and strength all into one video. The future is bright for LSU and Fournette will be a key part in replacing the production of Jeremy Hill, and revitalizing an offense that lost a number of integral pieces from last year.

No. 8 Seed D.J. Chark

D.J. Chark may not have been the highest-rated wide receiver commit of the 2013 class, but he may be the fastest of the bunch. He has since hit a slight growth spurt and added some weight to his frame. The potential is very high for the speedster.

So does the speedster pull off the upset in the opening matchup or does the consensus #1 seed running back stay par for the course and advance? That's for you to decide

Just a note: You have until Wednesday at midnight to vote and then the next matchup will be posted later that morning