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LSU Highlight Video Tourney: #3 Jeremy Hill vs. #6 John Battle

We continue on in this region with one of the top running backs to come to LSU in recent years going up against yet another high-potential defensive back from Florida.

The offense has started off strong so far in this tournament with Leonard Fournette and Trey Quinn advancing to the Sweet 16. John Battle will look to put an end to that trend, along with becoming the first out-of-state player to move on. He does come into this match-up with a secret weapon that might give him an advantage. What could it possibly be? Well, let's take a look.

No. 3 Seed Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill presented everything that you looked for in a running back. Massive size, better-than-average speed for a guy his size, could make defenders miss and could run over them if need be. When a guy can do what he did in the SEC, you have to imagine that these defenses in this video were beyond over-matched. It does help when you have a guy like La'El Collins blocking for you on the left side, but even that didn't even matter. Hill was just a monster that no one could contain.

No. 6 Seed John Battle

If you were going off of Battle's junior footage, he wouldn't have even been considered to make it. The transition from his junior footage to this one is remarkable and just shows his ceiling is sky high. But first, I want to say I think he is underseeded and here's why: Any recruit that uses Trick Daddy's Take It To Da House on their film should be instantly bumped up. Anyways, back to his footage. His speed is the first thing that is noticed. He has a smooth stride that makes it look like he just glides around the field. When it comes to running plays, he has no problem coming up to the line and making a play. People keep talking about the impact Jamal Adams will have this year, but he may not be the only incoming safety that will provide competition.

These are two athletic freaks on opposite sides of the football, and while one has already made his impact at LSU, the future is quite bright for the other. However, only one of these players can move on to the next round. Will it be the beast of a running back or can the defense finally notch a victory.

Two Things To Remember:

1. You are voting on who has the best VIDEO. Not who you think will be better at LSU, not who you think will project to be a better NFL player. You are judging the two videos above.

2. You have until Wednesday at midnight to cast your vote for your selection before the poll closes and we move on to our next matchup later that morning.Two incoming freshmen face off once again in the first round of the tournament. Which side will you favor, offense or defense?