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LSU Highlight Video Tourney: #4 Alley Broussard vs. #5 Tre'davious White

The NCAA Tournament may be over, but we are still going strong following the biggest upset so far this tourney

March Madness is over. UConn is the champs and we are all done with tournaments right? WRONG. We are picking up steam following the biggest upset of this tourney so far. The next matchup features a former running back/rapper going up against a cornerback that brought on a lot of drama (and still is) from another player's family. LSU appears to have easily made the right choice, but that is neither here nor there. We are focusing on these two.

No. 4 Seed Alley Broussard

Now, this video is a little difficult since LSU highlights are spliced in, but there is enough high school footage in there to formulate an opinion. Broussard came into LSU as a 226-pound behemoth that was running sub-4.6 forties. He could beat you with his speed and if you ever made the mistake of getting in the way of this freight train, you were bound to get run over and knocked back to the 2nd grade like Timmy Moore in the Little Giants (How is that for a movie reference?) Broussard also showed impressive agility for a guy his size, just adding even more to the complete package he brought. Injuries derailed his LSU playing career, but they couldn't derail his rap career. As an added bonus

(Bonus points to whomever can name the female voice in the chorus)

No. 5 Seed Tre'davious White

Tre'davious White may have earned his offer at camp before his senior season, which ticked off a certain other family, but his highlights show what we could expect from him. Playing various positions and returning punts, White quickly showcases the athleticism and instincts that made him a full-time starter shortly into his true freshman season. His agility and ability to make people miss is apparent as well in his punt returns. While the video lacks highlights of his shutdown ability, it's the other traits that were featured that made him an easy decision following that camp.

In what is starting to become a trend in this tournament, we once again have an offensive player going up against a defensive guy. On one end, you have a powerful, bruising running back that enjoyed punishing defenders, while on the other, you have a cornerback playing a variety of positions for his high school. Which side will prevail? Only you can make that decision.

Two Things To Remember:

1. You are voting on who has the best VIDEO. Not who you think will be better at LSU, not who you think will project to be a better NFL player. You are judging the two videos above.

2. You have until Monday at midnight to cast your vote for your selection before the poll closes and we move on to our next matchup later that morning.