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LSU Highlight Video Tourney: #2 Debo Jones vs. #7 Lewis Neal

Well, at least a defensive guy will finally win, and I'll put down good money on that. Who's in?

After a clean sweep from offensive recruit videos in the first three match-ups, the first round in the first region comes to a close with a defensive match-up. This one features a pass-rushing specialist that, although sporting a short stature, has no problem wreaking havoc in the backfield, and a linebacker that hits opposing players...hard. The defense will get their first player in the Sweet 16, but which one will it be?

No. 2 Seed Debo Jones


Debo is an odd case. His highlights never made it to YouTube, but after you wait through the advertisement on LSU's site, it doesn't take long to see why he was worthy enough to make it in the tournament despite not being on the online-video website and why he earned a 2 seed in the tourney. Plain and simple: Debo FLIES. His speed out on the field means he gets to players quickly, and from what I vaguely remember from my physics classes, when he hits someone, there is a lot of force coming in at the end of his fast motion. An object at rest will stay at rest, unless he is hit by Debo because some of these kids will be remembering for awhile that one time Debo hit them.

No. 7 Seed Lewis Neal

Lewis Neal must have irritated a lot of North Carolina offensive linemen. A guy with his short stature, yet built like a mack truck, created issues in the backfield on a constant basis. The comparisons quickly came in that he looked like Elvis Dumervil due to that stature, and like Dumervil, he spent a lot of time in the backfield sending quarterbacks to the ground. Usually recruiting websites have this standard in their mind to how big players at positions need to be, yet Neal still received high ratings despite being shorter than their expectations. They say dynamite comes in small packages. Neal might as well live by that mantra.

Two athletic freaks on defense showcase different skillsets, but quickly show in their videos why they were part of an LSU class. However, only one of these can claim the final Sweet 16 spot in their region, and the defense can rejoice in finally knowing for sure that they will have a player in the next round.

Two Things To Remember:

1. You are voting on who has the best VIDEO. Not who you think will be better at LSU, not who you think will project to be a better NFL player. You are judging the two videos above.

2. You have until Friday at midnight to cast your vote for your selection before the poll closes and we move on to our next matchup later that morning.