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LSU Highlight Video Tourney: #1 Ryan Perrilloux vs. #8 Travonte Valentine

While the NCAA Tournament comes to a close tonight, our second region just gets underway. How is that for keeping March Madness going?

Like everyone else, your NCAA bracket has gone to crap. Don't worry, I don't think anyone in the entire world picked UConn to face Kentucky in the championship game unless you are a UConn alum that has high hopes for Kentucky. However, I have a solution: Just enjoy the start of the second region of our LSU tourney that pits a former QB that helped win our second national title against one of the biggest (literally) defensive tackles to come to Baton Rouge.

No. 1 Seed Ryan Perrilloux

There is a reason Perrilloux was so highly-regarded and it shows in the video. He could throw, run and do pretty much anything you asked him to do on the field. While we never got to see the full show from him at LSU, he did help pick up the school's third national title. But that's neither here nor there, we are focusing on what is shown on this video, which is only his last three playoff games. We aren't looking at senior highlights, this is just highlights compiled from three games. Just think about that for a second. Yes, he was that good.

No. 8 Seed Travonte Valentine

Travonte Valentine sports one of the best moments in all of these films, and probably something I would have done if I was facing him. I'll let you decide what that may be, but it is fairly apparent once you see it. Valentine was a disruptive force in high school, using his sheer size to breeze right by smaller, unimposing offensive linemen that may have been better off just calling in sick that day. You can just imagine the sheer fear that opposing quarterbacks had in the pits of their stomachs watching film or looking at the scouting report and seeing this guy on the other side. It doesn't take much time for Valentine to set up a house in the backfield and just dominate the competition.

It's a unique matchup to start up this second region. On one end, you have a QB that could do it all. On the other, there is a disruptive force that spent more time in the backfield than he did on the line. The NCAA Tournament may be ending, but we have barely got underway. So kick back, relax, watch some highlights and just think that you still have more tournament to enjoy.

Two Things To Remember:

1. You are voting on who has the best VIDEO. Not who you think will be better at LSU, not who you think will project to be a better NFL player. You are judging the two videos above.

2. You have until Wednesday at midnight to cast your vote for your selection before the poll closes and we move on to our next matchup later that morning.