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LSU Gym is Still Awesome, Advances to Semifinals

One step closer to the title... no pressure.

We need more gym pictures, I know.
We need more gym pictures, I know.

When LSU gymnastics is really clicking, this team simply cannot be beat, LSU proved that this weekend by having one of those perfect weekends in which everything just seems to go right. It ended with a school-record 198.325 that also serves as the highest score that any team has posted all year long.

It wasn't even close. LSU set a school record earlier this year with its first ever 198, barely clearing the mark against Missouri with a 198.050. This weekend, LSU blew past 198 and left it in the rear view mirror.

LSU so thoroughly thrashed its competition that it was almost competing in a different meet. Stanford finished second with a 197.275, over a full point behind. Iowa State finished third with a 196.350, just shy of two full points behind LSU.

LSU didn't just win this thing, they won it by a couple of touchdowns. There have been showdowns between Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner that were more competitive. This wasn't just a victory, this was a statement: LSU is out to win the national title.

Now, this was the easy part. All of the favorites moved out of their regionals and on to the national semifinals, where the real fun begins. There are two Sessions in the semifinals, and three teams will advance out of each Session. The draw looks to be pretty fair, and LSU is group with old foes Oklahoma and Georgia, as well as Michigan, Stanford, and Illinois. Florida gets Alabama, Utah, UCLA, Nebraska, and Penn St.

This is the time the team needs to be at its best, so it is a great sign to see a team showing the signs of peaking in the postseason. It will not take another 198 to advance to the Super Six, but it might take that score to win the title.

LSU just put up the biggest score of the season. Let's just hope that it wasn't a few weeks too soon.