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Link Gumbo - 5/12/14

News and notes in the LSU and Sports world.

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Chris Graythen

Baseball Game 3 Canceled by Inclement Weather -
Sunday's LSU-Alabama baseball game was rained out with no makeup planned. In all, there were more than 7 hours of rain delays over the weekend.

NCAA Regional: Softball Draws Louisville in Arizona - Despite an early exit from the SEC tournament last weekend, Softball still made the NCAA post season and will travel to the Tucson Regional where it will face the AAC Tournament champion Louisville Cardinals Friday at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN3. If they advace out of the regional, they will like be sent to UL-L for the Supers.

LSU Leads Nation with Nine NFL Draft Picks - - LSU's official recap of the draft, also includes news on the UDFA signings of JC Copeland, Kadron Boone, Anthony Johnson, and Craig Loston.

Podcast: LSU's Les Miles talks SEC schedules, his persona and more | FOX Sports on MSN - Les Miles did a podcast with Fox Sports and talks about a ton of different things, including the SEC schedules --something he's been outspoken about -- his quirks and overall persona, and much more. Have a listen.

Uncertain future for non-'Power 5' football scheduling - With talk of the new SEC rules requiring teams to schedule one "Power 5" conference team per year, there's worry if that will carry on with other conferences and see the non-Power 5 schools no longer given games vs the big boys.

Frank Wilson always looking ahead in recruiting battle - Football - Piece from Tiger Rag on Frank Wilson, LSU's Recruiting Coordinator, on his "war room" so to speak and where he lays out his plans for recruiting.

3 big economics problems with the NCAA's talking points - - The Mothership discusses some economic problems with some of the NCAA's points on their war vs Northwestern about athletes unionizing.

Louisiana House sweats out win over Senate in basketball match at PMAC: Photo Gallery | - The Louisiana Legislature catches #SECBasketballFever at the PMAC.

PONAMSKY: Taking down the mythological fence - LSU Football Recruiting - Derek Ponamsky discusses the "mythological fence" that many fans want to exist in recruiting around Louisiana.

A Beautiful Corpse: An oral history of the fast life and quick death of the XFL - - The Mothership with another piece, this one on WWE Owner Vince McMahon's failed XFL -- Xtreme Football League -- venture. Contains Bonus Gerry DiNardo

Ranking the 2014 SEC/Big 12 Challenge college basketball games - ESPN - The #SECBasketballFever is spreading again. LSU will travel to WVU on the Thursday before the SEC football championship.

Alleva: Football traffic improvements in works | Home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA - Joe Alleva says improvements in the traffic at football games are coming. Just like he did 5 years ago,

Robertson strives to make his own name - Women Basketball - LSU baseball infielder Kramer Robertson talks about making his own name despite being in the shadow of his famous mother, Baylor Women's Basketball coach Kim Mulkey.

For Stacie Nola, baseball is a Mother’s Day tradition | Sports | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA - Stacie Nola, mother of Aaron and Austin, talks about how baseball is a tradition on Mother's Day. Just wish she could have got to enjoy that tradition but........DAMN RAIN!