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Recruit Video Tourney: #3 Malachi Dupre vs. #6 Jermauria Rasco

One player is just now making it to campus, the other one is in his last year on campus. Either way, they were both solid high school recruits.

As we near the end of the third region, four wide receivers have already advanced to the next round, while only one defensive end has seen the second round.  It gets even tougher for Rasco, a once 4-5* recruit as he will be going up against consensus 5* wide receiver Malachi Dupre.  The odds are stacked against Rasco, but we've already seen some crazy things this tournament.

No. 3 Seed Malachi Dupre

Dupre's film is impressive just from the beginning with the photo leading up to the video highlights.  Playing in a run-oriented offense, his touches weren't as many as, say, fellow wide receiver commit Trey Quinn, but make no mistake about it, Dupre made the most of each reception.  His athleticism is on display throughout the entire video and shows why he might be able to step in and be the lead receiver for the Tigers when they take off for Houston.  His stride is so effortless that it almost makes it look like he's not even trying to run full speed.  All in all, he clearly shows why he was a 5-star recruit.

No. 6 Seed Jermauria Rasco

Simply put, Rasco could have rented out some property in the backfield due to how much time he spent there throughout his film. It was funny watching quarterbacks thinking they had time to scramble out of the pocket and away from the rush, only to find out that there is a defensive end that is much bigger and faster than they are.  No play was too far away for Rasco to make the tackle, even if it was near the other sideline.  He shows play after play why he was rated as a 5-star defensive in according to some websites.

Dupre may have a fairly large seeding advantage, but make no mistake about it, Rasco is here to compete.  Both videos showcase superior athletes making excellent plays one after another.  These two players were some of the top recruits to arrive in Baton Rouge in their classes and got fans excited.  Unfortunately, only one can advance to the next round?  That's for you to decide