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What Do Les Miles and Mike Leach Talk About?

We could call their True Detective season “Pirate Hat.”


So if you follow me on twitter (and if you aren't, WHAT THE HELL?) you might have seen this'n last week.

Les Miles. Mike Leach. Former conference rivals turned into the buddy cop combo that America didn't know it always wanted. But what do they talk about? I know it may seem like a Bo Schembechler's Michigan Man and a Lavell Edwards passing game devotee might not have much in common, but Les and Mike have an amazing rapport. Here are some outtakes from last week's summit in Houston:

  • The five-fullback formation. Because five fullbacks can run five wheel routes.

  • A pitch for Walt Disney World to add a fake field goal exhibit to "Pirates of the Caribbean."

  • How Custer really just needed a couple of fourth-down conversions at Little Big Horn.

  • Why they both think with all of T. Boone's money, Mike Gundy would have a better haircut by now...

  • Bill Duke's best film: Commando, or Action Jackson? (Note: this always leads to an arm-wrestling match.)

  • That time Hal Mumme and Larry Lacewell got in a knife fight.

  • Net neutrality.

  • Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner, who would ya rather nail?

  • How History Channel's Ancient Aliens tells you everything you need to know about the Wishbone formation.

  • Combining three- and five-step passing concepts.

  • Better singing voice, Bill McCartney or Spike Dykes?

  • That time Matthew McConnaughey diagrammed a play on his stomach for them.

  • Craig James' weird obsession with Phil Collins. 

  • ABC's Scandal. I mean seriously, everybody's talking about that show.