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Recruit Video Tourney: #1 Jarvis Landry vs. #8 Kadron Boone

The hands of a wide receiver god go up against a stud speedy Florida receiver....sorry Kadron

As we start up the final region of the first round, we find yet another 8-seed with one hell of an uphill climb to pull off the upset.  To be fair though, we do have one Cinderella already in the Sweet 16 with Travonte Valentine, so like Kevin Garnett (God, he's such a douche) said, "Anything is possible."  Unfortunately for Kadron Boone, this anything may be impossible, but we'll let the fans decide on that one.

No. 1 Seed Jarvis Landry

There's a small number of recruit highlight tapes that I can watch again and again every time I pull up Youtube. Jarvis Landry is one of those in that small group, and he has a number of different ones I can sit there and watch. The reason is simple, it's the hands. The great Clifford Franklin once said, "The football's like a one-man cold to Clifford Franklin. Clifford Franklin's the only man catchin' it, Clifford Franklin's the only man comin' down wid it."  Replace every instance of "Clifford Franklin" with Jarvis Landry and it would be the same thing

You could make a case for Landry's video just in the first four plays.  While he wasn't the fastest guy out there, he did everything else to near perfection.  His solid hands, his agility, everything, even his knack for blocking.  When you make a block (see the 7:45 mark) that questions another recruit to go to the same school as you, then you know that you have a talent.  Landry was one of the most exciting receivers in LSU history and gave a very clear preview of what was to come from his high school footage.

No. 8 Seed Kadron Boone

Boone is another underrated recruit in this tourney in my eyes. Unfortunately for him, being underrated has put him in one difficult matchup. When you watch his film though, you can see why the staff went into Florida to get him. Boone is a smooth-striding speedster that accelerates almost effortlessly.  If he got into the open field, you might have well just headed to the sidelines because you weren't going to catch him.  While he may not have had the catching ability that Landry showcased, he did show that burst play after play.

Landry comes into the matchup as the obvious favorite, but make no mistake about it, Boone is no slouch and can put forth a valiant effort in trying to unseat one of the beasts of the tournament.  This will be the sixth receiver of the first 13 matchups to make it to the next round.  It just comes down to which of these receivers will move on.