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Recruit Video Tourney: #4 Jerrard Randall vs. #5 LaRon Landry

We continue onward with a QB with a cannon and a guy that became one of the fiercest hitters in LSU history, but was he in high school?

With only three more matchups before the field of 16 is set, things have already gotten interesting.  We've had upsets, we've had dominant victories and close calls.  With four defensive guys in the second round (although one never played a snap on defense at LSU), Jerrard Randall has the odds stacked against him with only one QB (Shepard, who wound up not playing QB at LSU) moving onward.  Can he buck the trend and put another signal caller in the Sweet 16?  Let's go to the tape.

No. 4 Seed Jerrard Randall

Jerrard was one of my favorite recruits. He was one of the first quarterbacks that was scrawny like he was but had an absolute cannon. He also had excellent athleticism to go with the cannon. While the intermediate passes became his downfall at LSU, Randall showcased the arm strength that few possess on the college level not named JaMarcus. Jerrard was very elusive, used his pump fakes well and was the definition of a dual-threat quarterback. Also, who can't get down to a little Ricky Rozay? That's what I thought.

No. 5 Seed LaRon Landry

We all loved LaRon's time at LSU with all the memorable hits he put on unfortunate foes, but before he resembled the human version of the Hulk, he was a solid cover safety in high school. At a smaller 6'3", 185 lbs., Landry showcased cover skills that would later become an afterthought to his punishing hits. He showed sideline-to-sideline speed that made him a threat for quarterbacks to avoid. Those who went after him usually resulted in bad news.

Both sides of the ball are covered in this matchup and each player brings something exciting to the table with their athleticism at their respective position.  It will come down to which side of the ball you prefer: offense or defense.  Only one can move on to the next round and have the enviable task of taking on the one-man cold.