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The Miami Dolphins Select Jarvis Landry 63rd Overall

On Day 2 of the NFL draft, Jarvis Landry heard his name called by the Miami Dolphins.

Chris Graythen

While Landry watched his counter part, Odell Beckham Jr. get selected in the first round, his wait didn't last much longer. Landry will continue his football journey with the Miami Dolphins.

Putting aside my lingering concerns about his athletic abilities, Landry's proven to be a consistent and reliable threat with a flare for the spectacular catch. Whatever his athletic limitations he makes up for in toughness, intelligence and grit.

He's a great fit in a Miami offense that features a deep threat in Mike Wallace and needs someone to gobble up those underneath throws, which are Landry's specialty. Think Packers spread 'em around attack and what Jarvis would look in that!

"10 players I love in this draft... this is one of them... the toughest WR in the draft." - Mike Mayock on Jarvis Landry.

Check out some great pics of the moment:

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Congrats, Jarvis!