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Panthers Select Trai Turner 92nd Overall

On Day 2 of the NFL draft, Trai Turner heard his name called by the Panthers.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Trai Turner's declaration came as a surprise to many of us. We quickly decided the RS SO was making a mistake in declaring early, partially due to the lack of decoration during his career and the lack of coverage of his draft opportunities.

As the road to the draft wore on, Turner seemed to gain more and more steam by the week. Tonight, the Panthers called his name.

Cam Cameron discussed that Turner's Guard/Center flexibility would make him an intriguing option to NFL teams who typically only carry 7-8 OL during the regular season. His ability to play all across the middle of the OL clearly drove up his value.

You can read Billy's draft profile of Trai Turner here. You can get the Panthers fans reaction over at Cat Scratch Reader.

Congrats, Trai!