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Guice Is Nice For LSU!!!

Maybe it was the sauce on the ribs, but the Bayou Picnic snagged an LSU commit in running back Derrius Guice

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

With such a star-studded cast coming in for the Bayou Picnic, including a number of recruits close to pulling that trigger and committing, fans were expecting the 2015 LSU class to grow.  Those fans were surprised to see that first commitment come from an unexpected source when 4-star running back Derrius Guice gave the word to Les he wanted to end his process.  There was serious thought from Guice about attending smaller schools such as Southern Miss, but the allure of staying close to play for the home team was too enticing of a deal.  What will the Tigers be getting from the newest addition to their 2015 running back class?  Let's take a look

What He Brings

You quickly see that Guice's best attribute is his ability to make defenders miss. Derrius uses a variety of jukes, spins and even some weird spinning jump maneuver.  He also has solid breakaway speed so once he does make you miss, you aren't going to catch him playing chase.  Guice has a good ability to locate the holes after the snap and has good vision once he gets going to keep the play alive and pick up extra yardage.  He also carries his 220 pounds well and doesn't give the approach of a stocky back, which gives him the ability to run through arm tackles.  Basically, what you would want in a top-10 running back, Guice has in his arsenal.

Frank Wilson is a happy man.  He knew he was going to have to reload for the 2015 season when Terence Magee and Kenny Hilliard depart, leaving only Darrel Williams as a backup for soon-to-be starter Leonard Fournette.  Ask and you shall receive as now he has two top-10 running backs and the top fullback in the nation coming into this class.  Only Kirk Merritt out of Destrehan may be the last recruit to join this RB class, but Merritt's versatility could have him play a number of positions.  Either way, the LSU backfield will continue to remain loaded with top-tier talent as the Bayou Picnic acquisition will be a very welcome addition to Frank's backfield for years to come. Maybe it was the sauce on the ribs, but the Bayou Picnic snagged it's first LSU commit in running back Derrius Guice