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LSU Adds JUCO TE Colin Jeter for the Class of 2014

The 2014 class...wait, what? Yeah, the current LSU roster grew by one on Monday when Colin Jeter committed, eligible immediately.

Chris Graythen

Normally in June, a coaching staff is focusing on what they have coming in this season and planning out their recruiting for the upcoming season.  At LSU, National Signing Day hasn't meant much for them this go around, first adding offensive tackle Jevonte Domond on the first of the month (Seriously, who didn't sing that Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony style?) and got him eligible to play this season.  A little over a week later, They added one final member to the 2014 class and making their debut JuCo camp a success when they obtained the signature of tight end Colin Jeter and got him eligible immediately.  What does he bring to Baton Rouge?  Well, let's take a look

If you want to compare the guy to anyone, you don't have to look too far away.  Current senior Logan Stokes is a near splitting image of Jeter, which would make sense as to why the staff was enamored with Jeter as a potential replacement for him.  While Jeter may be a little on the lighter side compared to Stokes, he shows a little more of a pass-catching option (also, do JuCos not do any film study?  How many times was Jeter wide open on that route where he runs across the field under everyone and pops up on the other side?  You would think teams would catch on.  Sorry, I'm rambling now).  He won't be expected to catch many passes once getting here with tight end options like DeSean Smith and Jacory Washington here, but the occasional pass may come his way.  What he does showcase is a relentless blocking style that was likely what garnered him his LSU offer.

After originally committing to Air Force, Jeter didn't make and wound up at Kilgore College in Texas, starting his clock then.  He will come to LSU with 4 years to play 3, and I would expect that redshirt year will be used on him with 5 tight ends currently on the roster.  Come 2015 season, he will be expected to fill in Stokes' role and should be in good position to do so and could provide a solid, albeit not glamorous, job for the offense in the run game.