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Link Gumbo - 6/12/14

A round-up of the latest news in the LSU sports world, and more.


Athletic directors look for increased stake in governance of college athletics - ESPN - With all the swirling talk of "pay college athletes", the Ed O'Bannon case, and the Northwestern players winning the right to unionize, there's been a lot of talk about change in the NCAA's model. Athletic Directors are looking to hold an increased stake in the changes.

Never too early to look ahead to '15 First-Year Player Draft | News - The 2014 MLB Draft wrapped up a few days ago, and is looking ahead to the 2015 First Year Player draft. LSU SS Alex Bregman is named one of the players to watch out for.

2014 MLB draft picks from LSU, Tulane, Southeastern and Louisiana-Lafayette | - A list of the MLB Draft picks from the 4 big Louisiana schools - LSU, Tulane, Southeastern, and ULL. 3/4 made the NCAA Tournament.

Mainieri ‘confident’ recruiting class coming to LSU | LSU | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA - Paul Mainieri is confident that LSU's highly touted 2015 recruiting class is headed to LSU, particularly guys like Jake Latz (who turned down $1m), and lefty Mac Marshall.

Phillies Agree to Terms with Top Pick Aaron Nola - The Good Phight
Nola signed with a bonus of $3.3 million.

LSU's Joe Broussard reaches contract terms with the Dodgers |
Picked by LA in the 15th round, Broussard is starting his pro career.

Nola Among Golden Spikes Finalists; Vote Now - - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics - LSU's former star ace Aaron Nola is one of the 3 finalists for the Golden Spikes award, given to the top amateur baseball players in the country. Vote now. Seriously. Do it. Nola deserves it. Oh, and by the way, I'll just say it here. Thank you Aaron Nola. For everything. It was an amazing pleasure watching you at LSU. Voting starts June 13, by the way.

Nola Among Dick Howser Trophy Finalists - - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics - More news on Aaron Nola being an award finalist. This one is the Dick Howser Trophy, awarded for "the ideals of character, leadership, desire, and competitive spirit exhibited by Dick Howser".

Mainieri: ‘These last three days have been trying’ | Line Drives - Paul Mainieri spoke to reporters for the first time since LSU's embarrassing exit to Houston in the Baton Rouge regional. He reflects on some issues, and says if he could change any decisions, he likely would of went with Joe Broussard instead of Kurt McCune in the 8th inning of Game 2 vs Houston, up 4-0.

The real reasons why students — and others — are bailing on Michigan football tickets | John U. Bacon - An interesting piece by John U. Bacon, which discusses why students in particular, and others, aren't buying Michigan football tickets. Ticket sales for the Wolverines are alarmingly down.

Discover, Tostitos to end bowl title deals - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global - Discover - the title sponsor of the Orange Bowl - will not be renewing it's deal after 4 years, nor will Tostitos - the title sponsor of the Fiesta Bowl - after 18 years. Capital One looks like it will take the sponsorship of the Orange Bowl, while ESPN is still looking for someone to fill the Fiesta Bowl void.

Check the charts: A revised look at where FBS coaches stand in their schools' record books - Football Scoop with a chart on where FBS coaches rank in the record books of their respective schools in regards to wins and more.

Jarvis Landry on new Dolphins role, moving to Miami, NFL adjustments - - The Mothership spoke to former star LSU WR Jarvis Landry on various topics, including his role with the Miami Dolphins, moving to Miami, and adjusting to the NFL.

Tyrann Mathieu: 'I just want to be out there' - Tyrann Mathieu talks about rehabilitating after his injury, and simply "just wants to be out there". Good luck, Badger.

Going Ballistic | An NCAA Champion Feature | - Meet the guys who test all sorts of equipment, from balls to protective gear, for college baseball.

His run to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame was no marathon for former LSU star Alan Faneca | - with a feature on former star LSU offensive lineman Alan Faneca, and his route to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

REPORT: Former LSU guard Anthony Hickey likely to transfer to Oklahoma State - Basketball - A bit of a shocker here. Former LSU guard Anthony Hickey looks like he'll be transferring to Oklahoma State, a very nice landing spot for Hickey.

Mathieu on suicide attempt: 'The biggest thing is to be open about it' | FOX Sports on MSN - Another piece on Tyrann Mathieu, this one much more serious. In his twitter bio, Mathieu had the words "I've tried committing suicide. But I didn't, look at me now". Mathieu removed the words because he "didn't think it would go viral", but said it was important to be open about it.

Mathieu said that the moment came when he was sitting in a jail cell after police discovered marijuana at his apartment when he was at LSU. Tyrann said: "I'm sitting in that jail cell thinking, 'I don't know if I want to go back out there and face the music', I didn't know how I was going to commit suicide in the cell, but that was the direction my life was heading".

Oddly, it was his cellmates who encouraged him not too, saying he was a great football player and had a bright future ahead of him.

Thankfully Tyrann did not take his own life, and he has since turned his life around since he was dismissed from the LSU football team in August 2012. He now wants to be an example for others, and hopes to start a foundation called "Second Chance".

This is a must read link, and there's more quotes inside.

ESPN’s 35th Consecutive Year of College World Series Coverage Begins Saturday " ESPN MediaZone - No Mike Patrick! Kyle Peterson calling more games! No Nomar Garciaparra! Progress! SO MUCH PROGRESS! Jon Sciambi and Aaron Boone will be one broadcasting duo, the other Karl Ravech and Kyle Peterson. Games will be broadcasted on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. There will be a minimum of 15 games, 7 on ESPN2 and ESPN, and 1 on ESPNU. The first 7 games will be on ESPN2, while the CWS Finals will be primetime from Mon. June 23rd to Wed June 25th (if necessary), all on ESPN.