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Recruit Video Tourney: #1 Leonard Fournette Vs. #5 Trey Quinn

Whose Ready For Some Sweet 16 Action?

We did it guys.  We have finally made the second round.  Those who were not cut out for those 16 spots are no longer with us in here.  We are getting down to the nitty gritty, the cream of the crop.  What we have here in the manchild at running back, the heir apparent to the recently graced Running Back U going up against another freshman coming to Baton Rouge at the same time.  The man with semi-gold hands (Sorry Trey, but those gold hands go to the recently-departed #80), the man that broke state records, the man that broke national records.  You would think we would be in the finals, but we're not.  There's 14 other videos looking for a shot at the top 8, but first, let's get through these two.

No. 1 Seed Leonard Fournette

Let's face facts, D.J. Chark never had a shot.  That isn't a shot against the kid, he was just going up against a beast that no one can contain.  Every single run in this nearly 4-minute long video makes you shake your head.  He makes three guys miss on one move in the first run.  Second run, he goes right through three defenders.  You get the picture.  Fournette is the definition of a highlight reel.  It's a reason he is a number one seed.  It's a reason why most think it's a foregone conclusion he will be in the title matchup.  Only problem, he has to get through one heck of a receiver.

No. 5 Seed Trey Quinn

Quarterbacks always love those athletic, 6'4" redzone threats that can change the aspect of a game with one catch.  But the thing that they love more is a receiver they can count on to do everything.  Trey Quinn is the latter.  Quinn showcases one of the largest route trees that you can find from a high school recruit.  Any route you want him to run, he's there, and then has the speed to boot in order to turn a simple 5-yard pattern into a touchdown.  You may say he's a little on the lanky side, so he spent the offseason getting bigger and quicker while running track.  He's a hard worker that shows on the field, breaking state and national records, and you see how he did it throughout this video.

What we have here is a battle of two Goliaths coming in as part of this 2014 class.  It is a good glimpse into the future of what this LSU offense will contain for years to come.  However, only one of these two can move on.  That decision comes down to you