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Cookin' ATVS Style: Drunk Pigs in a Blanket

Sausage fried in beignet dough? Why not?

Billy Gomila

This week's entry comes courtesy of my good friend Whitney Garland. Those of you twitter types might know her as @WhitLGarland. You can also follow her at the Baton Rouge Moms blog. She made these for my wife and I a couple weeks back as an appetizer to my tasty grilled chicken.

So this is the thing. You might think that the pigs got drunk in this recipe, but that is just not the case. I got drunk one night and I made pigs in a blanket. So they became drunk pigs in a blanket.

It started with a link of Andouille and a box of Cafe Du Monde beignet mix. The rest was history.

Make the beignet dough according to the box.

Slice your andouille into bite size peices.

Wrap andouille in dough.

Fry that little piggy up.

From here get creative. I usually shake in powdered sugar with a touch of cayenne. The other day due to a lack of powdered sugar we used brown sugar with cayenne. Next time, like maybe tonight...I am going to make a brown sugar and cayenne glaze.

The Café Du Monde mix is pretty easy to find at most stores, and it can also be ordered here.



For the Andouille, I recommend a coarser grind than what we used in this instance. Something a bit chunkier, kind of like this.



You might want to cut it in half to better fit inside the dough.

Another important note for the frying - make sure you get your oil good and hot. The recipe of the mix will call for about 350 degrees, but I've always said going a couple degrees over, to say, 365, is a good rule of thumb. That way the temperature won't dip too much when the food goes in, and you'll get a good seal on the outside so that no grease penetrates the dough.

A box of beignet mix should make about 10 balls.