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Link Gumbo - 6/16/14

A round-up of the latest news and notes in the LSU world and the sports world at large.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

LSU's Joe Broussard reaches contract terms with the Dodgers | - There was apparently some thought from Broussard to return to LSU, but he has decided to sign with the Dodgers. Joe B had a great season, and he will be missed.

Phillies Agree to Terms with Top Pick Aaron Nola - The Good Phight - In case you haven't seen it already, Aaron Nola has signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. Have a feeling we'll see him in Philly pretty soon.

The 10 best college football stadiums that could be used as World Cup venues - Land-Grant Holy Land - Watching the World Cup? Thinking about CFB stadiums used as World Cup venues? Maybe? No? Yes!? Land Grant Holy Land, our Ohio State blog, has you covered.

LSU coach Les Miles would 'love' to see his son play for Michigan | The Detroit News - In an interesting article, Les Miles says he would "love" to see his son Manny play for Michigan. Have a feeling he'd like to see him play for LSU more.

LSU baseball adds sidearm pitcher Strall to 2014 class | Sports | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA - In an already highly touted class, especially in the pitching department, LSU has added another - sidearmer Collin Strall.

How to Save the College Football Game Experience – Before It’s Too late | John U. Bacon -  A few days ago we saw a piece from John U Bacon on why there were decreasing ticket prices at Michigan, this time there's a piece on how to save the College Football Game Experience. Do read.

An interview with Dr. James Andrews, the man who's operated on all your favorite athletes - Vox - You've certainly heard of him before. Here's an interview with him. Dr. James Andrews himself.

Mainieri: It’s the perfect class | Line Drives - More on that highly touted LSU class. HC Paul Mainieri has called it a "perfect class".