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Recruit Video Tourney: #3 Jeremy Hill vs. #7 Lewis Neal

We move onward, to a running back that just left us and a defensive end we may be seeing more of soon

With yet another dominant victory, Leonard Fournette moved on quite easily once again.  Whomever moves on from this matchup will have a mighty task on their hands, but at least these two videos can fight for the right to party...sorry, got sidetracked.  What I meant to say was they can claim they at least made it to the Elite 8 with a win here.  What it comes down to is, whose it going to be?

No. 3 Seed Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill advanced onward following a tough Battle (Get it? Well, do you?  Man, I crack myself up) Unfortunately, Trick Daddy was not enough to surpass the size and speed combo of Hill.  It doesn't even look like much changed from high school senior Jeremy Hill to sophomore season at LSU Jeremy Hill.  I could only imagine how much hell these opposing defenses had to go through trying to stop him.

No. 7 Seed Lewis Neal

Lewis Neal will be looking to pull off his second upset after defeating Debo in the first round.  Neal basically rented out some property in the backfield throughout high school since he was always back there, it seems like a smart investment.  Despite the short height, Neal is nearly always one move and unimpeded to the quarterback.  With a bevy of moves in his arsenal, most high school offensive tackles have no clue how to deal with him, leaving them looking behind them most of the time.

These two bring both sides of the ball in their matchup.  It will come down to which side you choose.  Will it be the amazing running of Jeremy Hill or the pass-rushing specialist Lewis Neal?  That choice is up to you