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Recruit Video Tourney: #8 Travonte Valentine vs. #4 Alley Broussard

After pulling off the biggest upset of the first round, can Valentine do it again?

It didn't seem like it was possible in a bracket like this.  We, as in most of the writers, helped seed this bracket so it appeared to be just seedings for the tourney.  That obviously was not enough to stop a major upset from occurring in only the fifth matchup of the tournament when Travonte Valentine sent home Ryan Perrilloux.  Alley Broussard faced tough competition in Tre'davious White, but held on to send the cornerback home.  Who moves on to the Elite 8?  Let's go to the tape.

No. 8 Seed Travonte Valentine

It doesn't take too long to see why he pulled off the upset in the opening round.  Valentine is a big, mean defensive tackle that comes pretty close to putting the fear of God into opposing quarterback.  You literally see quarterbacks just go to the ground instead of taking a hit from the 330-pound monster.  Even for a guy his size, he is in the backfield very quickly and shows that he could be a force for years to come.

No. 4 Seed Alley Broussard

It says something when someone can move on when there's only about a minute's worth of high school footage spliced into the only highlight video of him on Youtube.  A guy his size should not be running as fast as he can.  Broussard just loved to punish defenders, as evidenced by the first clip they show of him in high school.  You could just see that he was going to be special at LSU, although injuries derailed that opportunity.  Still, it was clear to see that this guy was going to be one solid running back.

Two punishing players on different sides of the ball.  One likes to run over defenders, while the other likes becoming the worst nightmare of quarterbacks.  It's a matchup of shear strength, two guys that don't need finesse or any fancy moves to take over a game.  Brute strength, what makes a real man...AMERICA YEAH...sorry, got a little too excited there.  Either way, your vote will decide who moves on.