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Recruit Video Tourney: #3 Brandon Harris vs. #6 Corey Thompson

With only one more week of first round matchups, spots in the second round are slim. Offense goes up against defense in this matchup.

Quarterbacks have not had a successful showing so far in this tournament.  Excluding Shepard (who played WR in college), The two quarterbacks that have already come up in the first round were sent packing.  However, they have two more tries in the coming matchups.  The defense will be looking to send their 5th guy on but only the second safety.  Who will win?  Let's go to the tape.

No. 3 Seed Brandon Harris

The newest quarterback to arrive at LSU, Harris gives you a good bit of everything.  Strong arm?  Check.  Mobility?  Check.  Speed?  Check.  Smarts? and Check.  Harris went from a decent prospect his junior season to becoming a high-caliber national recruit his senior year.  He took in the lessons being taught upon him and became an elite quarterback.  Not many true freshmen quarterbacks start in the SEC, but he has everything it takes to be one of those guys if he can beat out Anthony Jennings.

No. 6 Seed Corey Thompson

LSU has had a long lineage of safeties that loved to bring the hammer on opposing receivers.  From Landry to Chad Jones to Craig Loston, Thompson is definitely there to pick up where Loston left off.  There is something satisfying watching a safety's highlight video when they pause the video right after the receiver catches it to point out where the recruit is.  You just know there is about to be a lot of pain in the very near future for that receiver and Thompson definitely delivers.

Brandon Harris has a good chance at becoming the first QB into the second round, but if fans enjoy their fair share of hard hits, Corey Thompson will definitely be a contender until the end of their matchup.  It is up to you to decide on who advances.