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Recruit Video Tourney: #2 JaMarcus Russell vs. #7 Kendell Beckwith

The final matchup of the first round pits offense vs. defense one more time

With what looks to be a growing lead, Brandon Harris seems he is in line to be the first quarterback to move on to the second round in the second-to-last matchup of this first round.  However, the quarterbacks will be looking for back-to-back victories to close it out.  The defense will be looking to send one more to the next round before the Sweet 16 gets underway.  Who moves on?  Let's go to the tape.

No. 2 Seed JaMarcus Russell

Always a good start when the opening music is the Undertaker's theme (Damn you Brock Lesnar...okay sorry).  Everyone loved the cannon that was JaMarcus' right arm.  It didn't matter what kind of foot placement he had when he threw, you just knew he was getting it there, and this video was a carbon-copy preview.  You even see more agility from him in the video than we did at LSU, something that would find up becoming his downfall the more weight he added.  We all know what to expect when watching Russell and his high school video showed it all.

No. 7 Seed Kendell Beckwith

Beckwith was a unique case in high school, playing both quarterback and defensive end for his team, so that may have contributed to less plays on defense and some tired moments. But when Kendell was at full speed, he was going to hit you and was going to hit you hard. You see about four consecutive plays where he forces a fumble and you even get a tackle reminiscent of the Willis-Vincent tackle (sorry Justin). Now at middle linebacker, Beckwith is at a position he didn't play in high school, but that just goes to show the versatility this kid has had even tracing back to his pre-LSU days.

Russell will be looking to follow the same path the quarterback is going currently in front of him and be the second quarterback to make it into the Sweet 16, setting up a potential match-up between two fan-favorite quarterbacks.  Beckwith will be looking to sack his competition (Get it?  Okay sorry, bad joke) and cement his place in the Sweet 16.  It is up to you to decide who moves on though.