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Welcoming Leonard: Part One

Now that you’re here Leonard, you are one of…us…

LSU Football Twitter

On a very hot day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Leonard Fournette walks into the welcome center at the LSU West Campus Apartment complex to begin his tenure as an LSU football player.

Fournette (to himself): Man, this is great. I'm so happy to finally get all of this started. Ready to work hard, ready to learn the playbook, and ready to deliver on all the promises I made when I decided I was coming here.

/Les Miles gives Leonard a hearty, Midwestern handshake and pulls him in for a bro-hug.

Miles: Pleased to have you son. There's greatness ahead for you here at LSU, and we're going to reach it together.

(softly): So happy you're here again Leonard. Houston doesn't know what is coming.

Leonard: Yeah coach, I can't wait to start preparing for Wisconsin! One game at a time...

Miles: Houston son. Third-and-one...we have been here...before, you see.

Leonard: I'm not sure I follow you coach...

Miles: Time, Leonard. It's a flat circle. What we have done, we're going to do again, you see. The sun shall set and the darkness will fall in the desert. And the king in yellow will lead his soldiers on to the field for us to pick at the remains. So it was done in the times of the Great Ichthus, and so shall it be done again.

Leonard: Coach...are you okay...

Miles: Splendid son. Soon all that is green will be brown under quality heft, seeking the sunrise through the shadow of adversity. That's what we do here Leonard.

Leonard: ...

/Frank Wilson slides up to pull Leonard away and bring him to his room.

Frank: Whoa whoa okay okay coach, Leonard, let's show you your digs.

Leonard: got it. See you coach Miles.../throws up peace fingers

Wilson: Coach Miles is really excited to have you man. You ready?

Leonard: ...I mean...yeah...what was all that?

Frank: You mean Coach Miles?

Leonard: Yeah, all that stuff he was talkin'?

Frank: Oh don't mind Coach Miles, he's just a little intense. You'll learn that soon enough. We have big plans for you man.

Leonard: ...What do you mean?

Frank: Here's your room, time to settle in. Just be ready man. It's going to take more than just the playbook and some good workouts to get on the field. Be ready for class on Monday! See you soon!

/fist bumps with a quizzical Leonard

Leonard: ...That was weird...