I'd rather not see insult added to injury

Injury, being put out of our own regional. Insult would be if those burnt orange farts from Austin actually won the CWS again and knocked us out of our tie for 2nd place in # of titles. My sources tell me they weren't that great this year, and I know several of them who didn't expect to make it out of their regional to match with us in the supers. Of course, it was US who couldn't make it out as the 1 seed and UT who prevailed as the 2 seed. I can't help but notice that UT put Houston down in short order in the supers and punched their ticket to Omaha. This vexes me because anytime the Horns show up to Omaha now, they are in danger of breaking our tie and relegating us to 3rd place in CWS greatness again. After all our hard work to nullify the gap between us and them by beating them for our 6th CWS, no less. But the worst part is that regional was paired with ours. We had the perfect opportunity to put an end to the Longhorn threat, we controlled that bit of our legacy this year, and we blew it. UT would've had to go through Baton Rouge, but no........Paul had to pull a dominant pitcher on a 64 count.

The state of the game depresses me, and I'm not too happy about his coaching right now either. Unpalatable though it may be, all I've really got left at this particular moment is rooting against the Longhorns. Anybody but them. Even ULL or Ole Miss. Just not Texas.

Rant off.