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Recruit Video Tourney: #1 Russell Shepard vs. #4 Rueben Randle

Can Randle top one of the top recruit videos out there?

Travin Dural didn't stand much of a fight, but there has to be someone that can upset the giant right?  Or does he continue onward?  Let's take a look:

No. 1 Seed Russell Shepard

It's easy to see why he received a top ranking and why he could be a contender for the title. He makes it look like playground football, back in your neighborhood where there was that one kid that was just the superior athlete compared to us normal Joes.  That speed and agility makes those opponents look like they are running in mud, and was a clear indication that Shepard had something special.

No. 4 Seed Rueben Randle

Outside of the cheesy rock music (God only knows why they choose something like this. Muting may be your best option), Randle's video could be a how-to on putting together the complete wide receiver.  Any tangible that you would look for in a receiver, Randle had.  Showing top-notch speed for a guy his size, Randle used his strength, size and athleticism to his advantage to dominate his competition.

Only one of these college wide receivers can move onto the next round.  Both were top-ranked recruits in their class and will be a tough matchup to determine a winner.  That is where you come in.