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Recruit Video Tourney: #2 J.C. Copeland vs. #3 Odell Beckham Jr.

We close off the first half of the Sweet 16 with two recent departures going up against each other

Offense has reigned supreme, sweeping the first Sweet 16 match-ups and will be looking to continue that trend.  From the names alone, it looks like it would be a for sure thing since they both played offense in Baton Rouge, but in high school, Copeland caused fear from the defensive side of the ball.  Both players put up impressive highlights, but unfortunately, only one can advance to their Elite 8 berth.

No. 2 Seed J.C. Copeland

Copeland made short work of Rashard Robinson in his first round matchup, and it is quick to see why.  For a guy of his size, his first step made himself  a constant member in the backfield, and no, not as a fullback.  It was one of the fastest that I had seen from a recruit, and yet he didn't end up as one in college.  While he still imposed fear at LSU running at unfortunate blocking targets, Copeland caused nightmares for opposing offenses.

No. 3 Seed Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham overcame a tough first round opponent in incoming five-star freshman Jamal Adams, and it is quick to see why.  When you have a quarterback that throws like his does, you see that Odell has to do almost everything on his own.  The speed and agility that he showcased every Saturday at LSU was apparent at the high school level.  While his footage is impressive, the best part of the whole video, may be at the 3:36 mark.  This coach/dad probably vented his frustration like many other coaches did that went up against Beckham.

It will be a tough match-up.  The speed and strength combination of Copeland going up against the speed and agility of Beckham.  It's the closest match-up of rankings between two opponents so far in the second round and the votes should resemble that.  It will just be up to you fans to decide who it will be to advance to the Elite 8.