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Diary of a Mad Fullback: What's in a Name?

These are the lost diaries of LSU Fullback Connor Neighbors. We found them.

Diary 97, June 14th, 2004

Today sucked.

Jenny said she'd call me back, so I sat around the danged phone all day waiting for her to holla, and you know what? Jenny never holla'd. That's what I don't get about these girls, man. It's all about them. You know, I was supposed to go fishing with Rico today down at the creek? Rico had a good catch too. Know how I know that? Because the first person to call me wasn't Jenny. It was Rico. Good ole, dependable Rico. The world needs more Ricos.

You see, dependability is not a virtue. It is sine qua non of life. It's one reason I love Romeo and Juliet. What's to come is to come. Star crossed lovers and all that. That they died is only the byproduct of their existence. The details of their death are inconsequential. You come, you eat, you breathe, you go. What's more dependable than death itself? So maybe Jenny and I just aren't star crossed. These are the lessons you learn.

When Juliet asked Romeo, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell just as sweet..." it served only to call out the mindless distinctions which held them apart. Humanity can but only intervene with the unstoppable course of destiny. But I think about this question a lot. What is in a name? I asked pops what my name means. Connor. It's Irish. "Lover of Hounds" says the internet. But that's not why pops and mom named that.

Ever seen the movie Terminator? John Connor. You know, the savior of the human race? Pops had big dreams for me I reckon. Maybe some day I will lead the Resistance. I do believe that may be my destiny. Alabama, you are my Skynet. Though you overcame my brother, my father and my father's father, I will not succumb.

Remember what I said four years ago today? That Nick Saban guy just won a National Championship at LSU. Beat Alabama 27-3 right there in Tuscaloosa. Don't you go expecting any of that to change any time soon, either.

That is all for now.

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