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LSU Elite Camp Recap: WHAT NO COMMITMENTS?!?!?!

Sometimes it's the impact you make on young kids that's more important than the commitment

Chris Graythen

Fooled you with that title huh?  Thinking in your head "No way am I reading another negatiger incessantly whine about the past week."

Message boards went up in a frenzy.  You could have sworn the end was near for LSU football according to some idiotic board members.  But at the end of the day (or weekend in this case), with some of the most talent ever put together at an LSU camp, the staff made an impact on a lot of recruits that could go a long way in the near future.

There Were Offers To Be Had

Over the course of the 3-day camp, LSU gave offers to 2016 safety Josh Perry, 2016 corner Shyheim Carter, 2016 receiver Dee Anderson, 2016 tight end Jamal Pettigrew, 2016 defensive tackle Kendell Jones and 2015 cornerback Justin Martin.  Most everyone else in attendance had an offer already or will be covered here in a little bit.

Josh Perry: At 6'1", the athletic safety put on a show in the opening day on Thursday and did enough to garner an offer.  He shows a lot of range and can make plays.  He should be returning to campus again soon with his family for a sit-down.

Shyheim Carter: Some may think he was slow-played, but the Alabama commit jumped on that offer, leaving LSU with some ground to make up.  An offer helped start the process, and they have a lot of time to make it up.

Dee Anderson: With all of the top receivers that were down in Baton Rouge, the guy that played the least amount last year for his school last year got the offer.  The 6'4" receiver showed he had glue for hands and showcased superior athleticism.

Jamal Pettigrew: When you draw up a blueprint for a top-tier receiving tight end, Pettigrew fits that mold.  At 6'5", Pettigrew quickly earned his offer with a strong showing catching the ball.  A little wiry right now, he will have time to add some more onto his athletic frame.

Kendell Jones: One word describes him: Manchild.  Jones is an imposing defensive tackle figure and has the facial expression of wanting to cause havoc.  He struggled some in the testing drills, but he still has the size and mean streak that Chavis covets.

Justin Martin: A JUCO cornerback, Martin showed off enough to gain an offer in what is a slightly-loaded position for the 2015 class.  Martin was very flexible in the hips and can cover a lot of range in a short amount of time.

Some Offers May Be On Their Way

The boards went into a frenzy when 4-star, and likely soon to be 5-star, 2016 wide receiver Drake Davis left the camp without receiving an offer. But it always helps to wait for the whole story, and that story entails Davis and his family heading back to LSU in the coming weeks for a sit-down with the staff and should see one come his way then.

Dutchtown safety and former Tiger Eric Reid's brother Justin Reid also left camp without an offer, but his recent rise in the rankings and a trip to The Opening has garnered him more attention.  Expect Reid to get an offer as well in the near future.

Outside of those two, most everyone else there already had an offer or received an offer over the camp days.

The Talent Was Immense

Any position that you looked at was represented with 4-and-5 star recruits galore, but two positions stood out.

The running backs and the fullback freak, David Ducre, put on a show at the position over the span of three classes.  Current LSU commits Derrius Guice, Nick Brossette and Dylan Moses, along with Devin White, showcased elite ability at the position that should keep the running back cupboard loaded for years to come.  Even Leonard Fournette came out and showed how a sled could be his female dog (insert the bad word here if you'd like).

Most in the industry refer to LSU's secondary as DBU and that mantra lived up to its name.  While not all worked out (Kendall Sheffield, Kristian Fulton and Greedy Williams all sat out nursing injuries), the list of names could include a whole page, so here I go expanding on my word count: Kevin Tolliver, Xavier Lewis, Donte Jackson, DeShawn Raymond, Ronnie Harrison, Jamal Peters, Korey Charles, Shun and the previously mentioned Joshua Perry, Shyheim Carter and Justin Martin, to name just a few that made their presence felt in the three days.

Overall, More Progress Was Made Than What Was Seen

Yes, there were no commitments over the camp, but if you asked the staff, they would be perfectly fine with the progress they made on a lot of other guys.  If there's two things Les Miles does great, it's making everyone feel comfortable and firmly planting the "Feels Like Home" mindset to any recruit, even guys coming from Florida like CeCe Jefferson, and Tennessee with Kyle Phillips.  When you have a group of talented recruits in one spot along with a very mature freshman class, the camaraderie makes everyone feel that much more comfortable and the experience better (well, except for someone like Arden Key who for some reason just wanted to get home).  The no commitments may be alarming, but what this camp did had a far-reaching impact that will be felt throughout the season all the way to February and beyond.