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Xavier Lewis Commits To LSU!!!

After opening things back up on February 3rd, Xavier Lewis shuts things down again with the Purple & Gold

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Backtrack to the week leading up to the TCU game last year.  That was when Xavier Lewis first committed to LSU.  For whatever reason on February 3rd, he opened things back up to make sure he was making the right decision.  Well, he came to that conclusion today at The Opening in Oregon, re-committing to the Tigers.  It was a unique time span but Lewis became the 13th commitment of the 2015 class.  He joins Kevin Toliver as the second cornerback in this class and both players stand over six-feet tall.  What else does Lewis bring?  Let's take a look

I covered Lewis the first time he committed back in August last year, so obviously not too much has changed.  Lewis is a very physical guy at the line of scrimmage.  He uses his size and length to jam receivers which helps throw off their timing and allows him to stick with them long despite his lack of elite speed for the position.  Lewis still shows athleticism in his ability to play four different positions (CB, S, QB, WR) at East St. John.  When watching his highlights, he seems to be more comfortable and shows a lot more confidence when he's in the face of his receiver on the line.

Not many corners at this stage in their career can stick someone like he can, something that got the attention at The Opening of the coaches and a pretty big-name cornerback in a Mr. Richard Sherman.  Not saying they are exactly alike, but you can see why Sherman noticed what Lewis was doing.  I can see a more physical Dwayne Thomas for an LSU reference.  The two are very similar in size and stature, but the physicality that Lewis showcases puts him on a pedestal there when comparing the two.

A top-20 corner in the 2015 class, Lewis may play second fiddle to Toliver in the class, but make no mistake about it, that may be where he would like to be.  Staying quiet throughout the process, but showing on the field that he is one tough, mean cornerback.  By the time Lewis steps on campus, Rashard Robinson and Tre'davious White may likely be in their last years at LSU, so a changing of the guard would soon be in order.  Lewis will be primed and ready to earn one of those spots, and will be a likely candidate to see playing time when he gets his opportunity.