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And the Valley Drinks: Real Ale Brewing Co.'s Devil's Backbone

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Texas Brew number two is the Devil’s Backbone Belgium Style Tripel from Real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco, Texas.

I’m not too familiar with Belgium Tripels, so I had to educate myself a little before I drank this beer.  Apparently, they have three times the malts of a normal Belgium beer, hence the name Tripel.  Also, they have candy sugar in them.   And they have a high alcohol content.  WOOOHOOO!

Devil's Backbone

Named for the scenic ridge that runs between Blanco and Wimberley, Devil's Backbone is a Belgian-style tripel. Czech Saaz hops and Belgian yeast give this ale its distinctive flavor and aroma. Candy sugar made in-house at the brewery adds strength without increasing heaviness. The result is a deceptively strong, pale golden ale.

ABV: 8.10%    IBU: 35.00    OG (plato): 18.00

On to the tasting!


The beer has a nice, sweet aroma of honey and banana. It is slightly bitter on the front end, but gets really sweet and smooth once you get a good hit of the malts.  I predominately get honey, lemon, and banana notes from the taste.  For a beer of this color, you wouldn’t expect it to feel so heavy and creamy, but I guess that’s a function of the extra malts. It’s unusual, but not unpleasant. Also, there is no hint of alcohol AT ALL.  At 8.1% ABV, this is a dangerously tasty beer in the wrong hands. A solid, 4 stars out of 5.