Well this works out

I was able to go to a couple games last season (UF & A&M) for the first time in several years of medical hoopla with my feet/ankles after a successful surgery in the summer. That was just the first step to (hopeful) normality though, and my next surgery is scheduled for the 29th. If that one proves successful then I will need a 3rd one on the other foot as soon as this one recovers well enough to bear the load on crutches and can afford it. So no games for me this year again, more than likely. But on the plus side, the Wisconsin opener is basically a win/win for me now. Winning is obvious, but if the unthinkable happens, I should have killer meds to nuke myself to where I won't even remember it.

"Wisconsin? We won that game, pretty sure. I don't remember. I got high on vicodin."