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Link Gumbo - 8/29/14

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Y'all are spoiled. TWO gumbos in one week

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Grantland on Your Side: Adopt a 2014 College Football Team! " - Have a friend in need of help? Do they need a CFB team to invest them self in this year? Someone to root for? Maybe a blue blood. Or a pesky little upstart in a power 5 conference. Or better yet, the best one......a MAC school. Grantland wants to help!

Ranking the 2014 college football offseason's greatest moments - - From plans to have a blogger ride a horse, offensive lineman twerking, Leonard Fournette racing Master P (and blowing him away. If you had to ask the result, you #suspect), Jameis Winston just REALLY wanting some crab legs, to Dan Rubenstein live tweeting and criticizing Michigan in a game that didn't happen, here are the best stories from a long offseason.

LSU receiver Quantavius Leslie looks to contribute while balancing grades and fatherhood - Sports - Quantavius Leslie has a lot on his hands. Trying to continue to raise his grades, raising his prematurely born son, and trying to contribute while ALSO being one of the most experienced WR's on the team. Read more for how he plans to take it all in stride.

CATS cutting shuttle service to LSU games - WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports - And here come the tweets from the LSU fans I follow living in Baton Rouge complaining about traffic that I have not the littlest idea about.

Wisconsin vs. LSU: Badgers' freshmen confident approaching opener - Bucky's 5th Quarter - As you may have read on this site, or around the interwebs, Wisconsin also are relying on quite a few Freshmen this Saturday. Those Freshmen are confident.

Tailgating Policy | AdvoCare Texas Kickoff - Yes, yes, I know you're upset that there is a tailgating policy. Think of this as me informing you

LSU class helps Les Miles with his grammar - - Les Miles needs help with his English. LSU students are ready to help!