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More "Anonymous SEC Coaches" Outtakes

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You think Athlon's the only one with sources?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of the year -- I guess Athlon's preview mags aren't selling well enough, so they trotted out the ol' "anonymous SEC coaches" comments on each SEC team to stir up some page views.

But as usual, they don't quite cover all the bases and left a few out. And yours truly was more than happy to find the stuff that's TOO HOT FOR ATHLON.

Here are the outtakes:

  • "You know something? Hugh Freeze has never even seen Frozen."
  • "Dan Mullen sure does love to say he smelled it. Never willing to admit he dealt it though."
  • "Yeah, Les Miles is a wild man who eats grass. But watch him put A-1 on a steak."
  • "Once caught Nick Saban tearing up after watching Field of Dreams. Called him on it, and he got so pissed he cut his fourth-string cornerback."
  • "You coach around a guy like Steve Spurrier long enough, you think you know him. And then you see him make change in a Starbucks tip jar."
  • "Most people don't know this about Mark Richt, but he was a backup drummer for KISS in the late 80s while Peter Criss was having a rough time."
  • "He'll never admit it, but it just doesn't get any better for Bret Bielema than when Michael Bolton sings 'When a Man Loves a Woman'."
  • "Know why Will Muschamp loves Florida's blue uniforms so much? Reminds him of his favorite book. 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish'."
  • "Mark Stoops hates the 'basketball school' jokes, but he damn sure won't stop asking Calipari for World Wide Wes' phone number."
  • "If you ever want to see a 6-5 man cry you just have to play a recording of 'Wind Beneath My Wings' around Gary Pinkel."
  • "It really makes you lose respect for Mark Stoops watching Bob give him an atomic wedgie every time he sees him. Mark blames Nick Saban for that, by the way."
  • "At the coaches meeting this year, Butch Jones was complaining about some smell he just can't get out of his office. Nick Saban wouldn't make eye contact while he was going on and kept squirming in his seat. I think Nick might have had some clue what Butch was talking about maybe."
  • "Kevin Sumlin likes to play up being buddies with Drake for the recruits, but the truth is he never forgave the guy for turning down his idea for an album of show tunes."