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Diary of a Mad Fullback: What's Cooler than Bein' Cool?

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Diary 106 August 12th, 2004

All my friends can't stop listening to the new Outkast hit "Hey Ya." As if this the first time Outkast has ever generated a piece of influential music. Sure, it's a far-reaching hit that appeals to the masses, but of what value is it truly? I fashion myself more of an Aquemini man, though it's impossible to dispute the genius of ATLiens. If you want to go way back, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik was a real gem, but no one knows about that one. I've found that all the best music always channels the past. Aquemini excelled in it's ability to hearken back to 70's funk in a modern way. They found a way to make depressing music fun, in perhaps a way no other group could. Life sucks and is sad and nasty and horrible and hey let's put a good beat on it with some horns and synthesizers and good flow and voila, people are dancing. It's a lot like being a fullback.

So when people talk about Hey Ya as if they've uncovered some hidden gem of a musical act, I'm always wondering why. "Hey Ya" is a fun song and, yeah, I like to dance, but stack it up to Da Art of Storytellin' Pt. 1 and get back to me on what "great" music is.

Regardless, I'm not here to write about Outkast today. But they really got me thinking. Outkast is a group constantly trying to out run its past. They were so great, so soon, that every subsequent work they put out was initially given the, "Yeah, but your old stuff was so much better" before being canonized for its ubiquitous greatness. Hell, Andre 3000 had to go out of his way to address the fact that people didn't think he was gangster enough. "Return of the Gangsta" is about as big of a STFU track as you will find. I suppose these are the perils of constantly redefining greatness.

Which is what calls to me. It's been said that good is the enemy of great. It's become imminently clear to me that true greatness is a derivation of habit. I could do as those around me have always done and be merely good. Or I could do my own thing. I could make my own path. Like I said before, my destiny is to lead the Resistance. Come with me if you want to live.

Time for football practice.

That is all for now.

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