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SEC Power Poll Ballot Week 1

It's back, and more random than ever!

We don't need no stinkin helmets.
We don't need no stinkin helmets.
Scott Cunningham

The SEC Power Poll returns, and my ballot is a bit of a puzzle. None of the power teams, outside of Georgia and A&M, looked all that impressive, but the bottom half of the conference, outside of Vandy, looked pretty darn good. This makes it look like this is a season in which the gap has narrowed between the sharks and the minnows, and it will be hard for anyone to dominate.

Of course, it's only been one week and looks are often deceiving. We'll see how things look going forward.

1 Georgia
In a weekend during which every SEC team exposed their flaws, Georgia showed off their strengths.

2 Texas A&M
A savage beatdown of a team supposed to contend for the SEC title. Johnny who?

3 Auburn
It was always assumed the offense would work regardless of who was under center, but Malzahn went out and proved it this weekend.

I've seen this movie before. Miles doesn't know the meaning of the word panic. Or most words, honestly.

5 Alabama
Showed honest to God flaws for the first time in a long time, but still won comfortably.

6 Missouri
Scuffled for a bit, but I'm not too concerned with the week one style points against clearly outmatched teams

7 South Carolina
This is where things get dicey. Sure, they got their ass kicked, but there is too much talent for them to look as bad as they did last week for the whole season.

8 Mississippi St
That opener couldn't have gone much better.

9 Ole Miss
Dr. Bo had the most Dr. Bo game ever: 387 yards, 4 TD, and 3 picks.

10 Florida
Have to wait another week to see where they stand. This is a placeholder rank.

11 Tennessee
That opening win was genuinely encouraging

12 Arkansas
For almost 40 minutes, the Hogs looked like a genuinely decent football team.

13 Kentucky
Dominated a FCS team. I wouldn't call that progress, but it wasn't a negative.

14 Vanderbilt
The golden years came to an abrupt and horrible end.