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Monday Press Conference - Miss. State Wrap-Up/New Mexico State Preview

Les Miles spoke to the media following Saturday's loss to Mississippi State at home for the first time since 1991.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Miles started things off by complimenting Mississippi State and that he believed  "we got Mississippi State's best shot." He also said that Dak Prescott did things that the defense just could not stop because of the "excellence of that quarterback." Miles pointed out two youngsters in particular that he felt grew up a bit in Malachi Dupre and Brandon Harris. He also said,  "...if we had about 30 more seconds, we may have been able to come back and win that one." He went on to praise Harris for coming into a difficult situation and performing under pressure and making a case for the starting job.

Miles then went on to say that the defense missed some calls and adjustments that were not necessarily the players fault or the coaches. He believes John Chavis will make the right adjustments and players will work on their technique. Defensively, Miles felt that the guys played their best and just didn't fill in the correct gaps and the opposition exposed them.

He also mentioned that Ethan Pocic will start at right guard again on Saturday and Hoko Fanaika will be used more as a substitute at the left and right guard spots. Kendall Beckwith will play more significant snaps from start to finish against New Mexico State, but defensive tackle Quentin Thomas is "nicked up" and will miss a week or two. Miles was asked about Mississippi State's center, Dillon Day, and his stomping incidents and said that it had already been taken care of with a petition being sent to the conference.

Full Transcript via ASAP Sports

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