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Every Road that's Traveled...Teaches Something New...

I never said the road would be easy.

The road less traveled, is usually a lonely ones. It takes belief! Belief to guide you!

You know, belief is a powerful thing. It can, it has lead man to do so many things. It's taken us across the ocean to explore new worlds. Over mountain ranges with nothing but a horse. It's even taken us beyond the heavens! It's also taken us to war. Driven us to do...vile things. Sick animals upon each other. Burn each other alive.

AND SO I SAY TO YOU MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS...believe in me. Believe in me and we shall do great things! WE SHALL BE MIGHTY! Believe in me, and we shall overcome all those that stand in our way. We shall rush over them like a tidal wave. A legion. A PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS THAT WILL FEAST ON ALL OF THEIR DREAMS! THAT WILL DEVOUR ALL THAT THEY HOLD DEAR AND LEAVE THEIR EARTH BARREN!

But to those who will meet us out on this road that we travel, know that we don't come out of hate. LOVE! Love is what we come to share! We come to set you ALLLL free! Free from all the pain, and anguish that you feel. We come to help you let go! Free yourself of the shackles of humanity! The decency that the world tells you you're supposed to feel towards the vile, wretched stench of humanity that wallows around you!

Free. To be the monsters that you all know that you are.

Just like me.