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1st Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 5

Another day, another dollar.

Well, we say goodbye to 12 more participants this week. Mizzou bit the bullet vs. Indiana. Rest in peace to the fallen, you will live on in our memories.

Demeaner, sad to say you were also eliminated due to picking Georgia twice (Week 1 and Week 4).

South Carolina likely put a good scare into many of you, but they pulled it out against a hapless Vanderbilt squad.

For the rest, Arkansas did the trick for the most part. There was a smattering of South Carolina and even a single (legal) Georgia pick thrown in.

We're down to just 21 of the original 65 with 10 weeks remaining!

This Week's Games

Vanderbilt @ Kentucky

Tennessee @ #12 Georgia

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Louisiana Tech @ #5 Auburn

Missouri @ #13 South Carolina

New Mexico State @ #17 LSU

Memphis @ #10 Ole Miss

Entering conference play now so the picks should get a bit tougher. Good luck out there!