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Brandon Harris Named Starting Quarterback vs. Auburn

Stacy Revere

In news that may prove mildly surprising to the humanoids, Les Miles made the obvious decision to name Brandon Harris the starter.

After Saturday's performances, there was truly no "decision" to be made, as I noted during the game Saturday. Forgetting the backlash from fans that likely would have come had Miles kept Jennings as starter, it would have been purely mad from a football perspective. Only one character changed in Saturday's game that turned it from the ugliest performance of the year into a slaughter fest: the quarterback. Les said as much himself: this was easy, folks.

I am not at all surprised Harris was tabbed the starter, I am, however, mildly surprised that Miles announced it so early. I figured he'd play coy to give Auburn a little something extra to think about, though let's be realistic, Auburn would have schemed for Harris all the way and taken their chances with Jennings in the game.

Miles decision to name Harris this early in the week is sending a clear message with a full vote of confidence: You are my guy. It's smart, and more important than any tactical advantage that could be gained from Auburn "not knowing." Harris is young and while he seems to have great moxie, having your head coach stump for you on the podium can only help.

So, how you feeling Tiger fans? Harris has show cased his talent in the last 5 quarters he's played, impressing all onlookers. But getting your first start on the road, on the Plains at Auburn is a pretty tough task. At any rate, this is sink or swim.

Les Miles is banking this season on the golden arm of Brandon Harris. There's no turning back now.