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1st Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 2

Let's play Survivor.

Dropped the ball on the timing but we lost many great warriors last week, all at the hands of the gentlemen from Nashville. Anchor the fuck down means tie it around your neck and throw you overboard with it, apparently. 25 souls lost, 24 felled in Derek Mason's useless hands.

One dr.awesome504 put his fate in the hands of the Ole Ball Coach, and unfortunately picked a date where he was thinking more about his pitching wedge.

Eligible Games This Week

Arkansas State at Tennessee

#24 Missouri @ Toledo

Florida Atlantic @ #2 Alabama

UAB @ Mississippi State

Ohio @ Kentucky

Eastern Michigan @ Florida

#15 Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt

East Carolina @ No. 21 South Carolina

San Jose State @ No. 5 Auburn

Reminder: Once you've picked a team, they are no longer eligible to be chosen by you.

Get your picks in in the comments below. I'll set the deadline at 12 CST Saturday, since I got this up late.