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First Impressions: LSU 56, Sam Houston St 0


Probably want to save that until we play someone, ya know, good.
Probably want to save that until we play someone, ya know, good.
Stacy Revere

That was just what the doctor ordered. After a sluggish win against a quality opponent, LSU gave fans exactly what they wanted: a snoozer of a win against an outmatched foe.

Any concern that any Tiger fan that SHSU was going to be a tough game was dispelled pretty early in the first quarter. Heck, it might have been dispelled on LSU's first play from scrimmage, a 94-yard TD pass from Jennings to Dural. LSU had a double digit lead before even five minutes of game time passed.

There's not a whole lot to say about the game. LSU went up early and never looked back. Just about everyone on the roster had a much needed good game, and a bunch of freshmen made their first big plays. Malachi Dupre, especially, made a beautiful grab in the fourth which showed off his awesome ability.

There was a silly controversy after Leonard Fournette scored his first touchdown. He struck the Heisman pose which, let's face it, was getting ahead of himself. I mean, it's Sam Houston State, dude. I'm not an "act like you've been there before" sort of guy, because I like partying and having fun. But come on. No one is impressed by the score to put you up 20-0 in the first quarter. But some people are never so happy as when they get to wag their fingers at young kids for acting like young kids, so Fournette upped their enjoyment of the game considerably.

After jumping out to a 35-0 halftime lead, the second half was pretty much all about getting the second string some playing time and the always fun game of whether the backup defense can preserve a shutout. Thanks to some timely turnovers, the defense came through. My impression of the game would be the same had LSU won 56-7, but it's always nice to pitch a shutout.

It's hard to get overly excited about this, but on the other hand, this was exactly what you want to see out of this team: a huge blowout with a minimal amount of headaches. Everyone looked precisely like what they are: a bunch of insanely talented young kids. This was much needed experience for everyone, and a much needed breather for the fans, who probably could not collectively take a repeat of the Towson game.

LSU did what good teams do. They got up early, and put this one to bed. It wasn't the least competitive. Thank goodness.